15 Ways to Make Your Conversion Rate Optimisation Programme Fail!

Optimisation Programme Success or Failure Sign

#1 – Implement your optimisation tags asynchronously, preferably through a tag management solution (TMS)

#2 – Have completely unrealistic expectations from the outset – i.e. Aim to improve conversion to order by 100% or launch one new test every two days

#3 – Involve lots of stakeholders in the decision making process

#4 – Don’t nominate  one main point of contact responsible for all things CRO in your organisation

#5 – Don’t bother with planning tests thoroughly – just build the test as you go

#6 – Push the test live asap irrespective of if the test has been put through quality assurance (QA) – it’s all about speed right?

#7 – Don’t use any analytics data to fuel your optimisation programme

#8 – Ensure each test is tactical – who needs a strategy or AB testing roadmap, right?

#9 – Have a vague picture in your mind of how the test will look – don’t worry about creating mockups for the test – there’s especially no need to consider how the test will look on different device types (tablet, mobile etc.)

#10 – Stop the test as soon as it looks like one experiment is outperforming the rest, regardless of its statistical significance

#11 – Remove underperforming experiments from the test as soon as their conversion rate drops below the control

#12 – Once the test has been launched don’t check that data is coming in as expected on a regular basis

#13 – Never focus on return on investment (ROI) – every test should focus on small, almost insignificant user experience changes

#14 – Don’t test in the funnel – it’s such an important part of your site that it should be left alone 🙂

#15 – When a significant positive result is acheived through a test don’t evangelise this throughout your business – keep it to yourself – you’re just going to set unrealistic expectations for future tests if you tell everyone

Just to be clear – please don’t do any of the above if you’re looking to run a succcessful optimisation programme!


Published on April 19th, 2017

Author: Phil Williams

Phil is the founder of CRO Converts. He has had the opportuntity of creating successful testing and personalisation strategies for many of the UK and Europe’s leading brands.

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